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  • Specially designed for children over one year old , only one drop (600 IU) needs to be applied to food
  • Patent design, each drop (0.028 ml) Vitamin D3 600 IU, precise content
  • Vitamin D helps calcium absorption, bones grow and strengthen muscles
  • Vitamin D3 is the natural mode of vitamin D in the human body and is easily absorbed
  • Easy to take drops, reduce soiling of children
  • Recommended intake in just one tasteless drop.
  • No preservatives, no artificial fragrance, no coloring
  • Origin Canada
  • 2.8mL (100 drops)
  • Tips for dripping: Fully turn the bottle upside down, keep the bottle mouth down, and keep it for about 1-2 seconds (Special bottle mouth design, usually the first drop will flow back to the bottle, and then the drop will form a whole drop Come down

Ddrops Booster Liquid vitamin D3 for children over 1 years old (2.8ml)

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